Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Truth about Flaxseed Gel

Flaxseed gel on natural hair seems to have the natural hair community in uproar. Not because it is damaging to the hair, but because natural LOVES it. I don't know much about it personally and have yet to test out my new bottle of it from Curls Of The World but I did find an article about it to share with you guys. Check it out below.

Benefits of flax seed gel on natural hair by Dionne Murphy

I have been on a hunt for a product that gave me twists/twist outs to my liking ever since I BC’d in February of 2006. Some products kind of did the job, but my twists and twist outs wouldn’t last. I’ve read about people making their own gel out of flax seeds, so I went out and bought some a while back. I made my very first batch last month, and I decided to go ahead and put it to the test. Much to my surprise, my hair fell in love and my twists have never been the same.

The flax seed gel concoction left my hair soft, moisturized, and it had a nice hold that wasn’t crunchy or crispy at all. I also sealed my hair with something called “Soothing Foot Butter”. I know it’s geared towards the feet but it's all natural. Everything turned out nice. Hopefully you can see enough of my hair in the pics to see my results. I didn’t think of taking a close up hair shot of my results at the time, but I will make sure to do so when I twist again.
Flax seeds are an awesome source of Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids nourish the hair which in turn promotes healthy hair growth and a natural sheen when taken orally. I’ve seen the benefits of applying the Omega-3 fatty acids externally to my strands by way of the flax seed gel. You can use the gel on your scalp as well. It helps combat psoriasis and eczema that may be present on the scalp. You might want to think about adding some Omega-3 supplements to your daily vitamin intake to get your fair share of healthy fats. These unsaturated fats are beneficial to your cardiovascular and brain health as well as your immune system.
My Recipe 
½ cup of flax seed
3 cups of water (use 1½ to 2 cups for a slightly thicker gel)
1 oz Avocado Oil 

1 oz Aloe Vera Gel
Bring the flax seeds and water to a boil. Stir the flax seeds as the water boils. You will see a frothy type gel begin to form. Continue to stir for about another minute. Remove your pan from the heat and strain the mixture using a strainer with the smallest holes you can find or a tea ball. I’ve found that these work best. It can get a little messy if you use a cheese cloth. After straining, let the gel cool and stir occasionally. Once it cools, add the oil, AVG, and stir. The gel will be kind of slimy and loose if you use 3 cups of water. You may want to place this in the fridge in between uses if you are not using a preservative in your mixture. Apply as needed.

Continue reading on Examiner.com: Benefits of flax seed gel on natural hair - Houston Health & Beauty | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/health-beauty-in-houston/benefits-of-flax-seed-gel-on-natural-hair#ixzz1LrJ73F4U

Here is a link to a homemade recipe for Flaxseed gel CLICK HERE.

Have you tried flaxseed gel? What were the results?


  1. I have heard great things about it but, I really don't want to make it myself:-/ lol

  2. I have tried it and loved it!!

  3. I made some flax seed gel and it is amazing. I've spent so much money on hair gels, and to think this is really inexpensive and super wonderful!

  4. With regard to the post above...I have naturally curly caucasian hair...this gel makes my hair bouncy, shiny, gets rid of frizz, and doesn't weigh the hair down or make it sticky. It is "divine intervention" for curly girls.

  5. What do you suggest to use as a preservative? I don't use gel every day and would like it to last longer than a week or two if possible. Thanks in advance! :-)