REPOST: Back to School Natural Hairstyles

School is back in session and this video is dedicated to all my young curly girls who need styling ideas. 

My updated product list

Hey there! 6 years into this natural hair game and I think I've tried almost every product line there is.
With that being said, it's time to share my latest product list with you guys. If you've been a long time reader of this blog, you may see some familiar products I've been using since the day I cut my hair all off. Either way, these are tried and true for me so I can't guarantee that they will work the same for you, but its worth a shot, right?

What I'm loving for...Shampoo
  • Pantene Pro-V for Natural Hair
What I'm loving for...Conditioner
What I'm loving for...Leave-in Conditioner
What I'm loving for...Moisture and Twisting
What I'm loving for...Edge Control
What I'm loving for...Oil Conditioning
  • Herbal oil blends - I tend to only add it to my conditioner for a deep condition but it makes my hair super soft. Definitely a necessity during the winter months.
What I'm loving for...Hair Health
  • Eating healthy and regular exercise
  • Hair, Skin and Nail vitamins (If you're into supplements - I'm not a big fan but sometimes you need them)

Save the Date: August 31 - Ask Mo: The Consultation Series

Hey guys! Episode 5 of Ask Mo will take place on August 31. This episode will kick off  my "Consultation Series". For this one, and the others to follow, I will conduct live consultations with viewers about their natural hair. I'm pretty excited about this because many of you have tons of questions and I'm more than happy to answer them all.

If you're interested in being a a candidate, please send me an email at

Random Thoughts

When your hair is cute and your makeup so smooth that you surprise your damn self. 

Ask Mo: Episode 4 (Tomorrow!)

Don't forget to tune in Wednesday for another episode of Ask Mo. Ask Mo - Episode 4 will discuss and examine how to trim natural hair. This is always a tricky thing to do for newly naturals but it is essential to natural and permed hair. Trimming natural hair now only keeps knots at bay but also encourages healthy hair growth.

Tune in tomorrow night at 9:00 pm (EST) for the discussion on Facebook live and YouTube live!