Happy Monday!

Good morning and Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and is ready to tackle the week. Don't forget to tune in to Ask Mo Episode 3: Hair Types and Porosity this Wednesday at 9:00 pm (EST).  It seems I had some audio issues with the last stream so hopefully everything will be settled for this.

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Natural Hair | Flat Twistout for Type 4 Hair (REPOST)

How adorable is this flat twist-out done on Type 4 hair? If you know anything about hair types, Type 4 can be a bit coarser and thicker than most, so extra moisture and great detangling is required. Onlyjmarie's hair turned out really good!

Ask Mo - Episode 2 Recap

Hi guys! Thank you to everyone who tuned in live to watch episode 2 of "Ask Mo". I really appreciate your continued support of this extension to Natural & Fab. For this episode, we focused on the questions many naturals ask once they decide to embark on this journey. I've posted the video below if you want to check out. It is also available directly through my Youtube channel or my Facebook page.

I promised to include links to some of my favorite natural hair resources I mentioned in the video, so here they are:

Curly Nikki
Natural & Fab
Quest for the Perfect Curl
The Chic Natural 

Youtube and the Web, in general, have a plethora of resources out there these day - much more than what they had when I decided to go natural. Feel free to Google away and see which ones you can find.

Ask Mo - Episode 3 is scheduled for July 27.

Easy Defined Flat Twist Out Tutorial

One of my most asked questions is "How do I style my transitioning hair?". There's no right or wrong way to style your hair but one of my favorites are flat twists. Not only can they last up to 5+ days, but they are also a great way to blend two textures.

Check out this super easy tutorial for flat twists.


Naomi, Me and Chell

Going through my pictures over the weekend and came across this one - The First Ladies of Dead End Hip Hop. Don't know about Dead End Hip Hop, well go find out by clicking HERE.